The South West is a region buzzing with innovation, startups and talent but is too often overlooked in favour of London and other large areas.  

With that in mind, we’re introducing the South West Digital Awards.

From Bristol-based companies selling their products internationally to young developers working out of their bedroom in Cornwall, the awards will be a chance to highlight, reward and encourage digital innovation in the region. 

The event will take place in Plymouth, the centre of the region, on 27th September 2018. Plymouth is the perfect location for the awards, acting as a middle ground between the bustling cities of Bristol & Exeter, the coastal towns of Bournemouth & Poole and the country’s farthest hubs of Truro & Redruth.

Unlike any awards before, the evening will be a massive celebration of the South West with interactive exhibits, a live panel and more.

The South West Digital Sector 


Tech Sector Growth Potential

Digital Jobs

Digital Startup Launches


Increase in Digital Business Turnover


Increase in Digital Tech Businesses


Digital Growth Optimism

Digital GVA


The Categories

Young Innovator

Rewarding the youngest of talent, be that homegrown, bootstrapped, angel or VC backed – we want to hear your story and all about your latest innovations. This category is sponsored by Plymouth University.

The University is excited to support and celebrate some of the most creative and innovative business minds in the South West and sees the region as “rapidly becoming a hotbed for digital businesses where new companies flourish in a network of like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs.”

Branding in a Digital Environment

This award is for teams who have created stand out branding for clients or themselves in the digital environment. LOGO is a great fit for the awards, with the company’s focus on supporting the growth of their clients’ businesses and hitting objectives whilst staying fully engaged with the latest digital trends.

Managing Director, Nick Burrage said …we have to fight our corner down here and keep promoting the area and what we do. Once you get past the initial barriers with clients we need to then be better and deliver at the highest level.”

Best Digital Campaign

Sponsored by Bristol-based telecommunications provider Triangle Networks, this award will reward the best individual or business that has been able to run a successful digital content campaign. Shortlisted entrants will have utilised innovative strategies or orchestrated far-reaching campaigns!

Bob Irwin from Triangle Networks said “By supporting other tech companies in the region as they grow, we help to reinforce the narrative of the South West as the ‘place to be’ for innovative businesses and help to further support our wider communities with jobs, great education and facilities that we can all enjoy.”

Further sponsors will be announced shortly!

Hardware of the Year
What’s the most innovative, useful, or successful hardware released in the past year?
App of the Year
Which was the most innovative and well-received app by a South West based company this year?
Health Tech
This award is for innovation in the healthcare sector, this could be anything from hardware to detect disease to software that can forecast illness over a lifetime.
New Startup of the Year
A team which has emerged as the leader of the pack amongst the South West’s most innovative start-ups.
Software of the Year

It’s simple really, what’s the most innovative, useful, or successful software from a South West based developer? This could be anything from HR to sentiment analysis or some FinTech.

Best use of Digital by a Charity
Rewarding improvements through innovation that directly impact the growth and sustainability of the charity and its aims.
Social Impact
This award is for an organisation which has supported its wider community using digital.

Our Judges

Lindsey Hall
Chief Executive
Roland Gude
Strategic Director
Rich Adams
Corporate Projects Manager

Play Zone

Throughout the night, our Play Zone will be packed with the South West’s best interactive tech. From apps to hardware, guests can experience what’s being developed across the South West, whilst the exhibitors have the opportunity to show us what they’re made of.


There’s loads of ways to get involved with the awards. We can create a bespoke sponsorship package that fits your brand, your goals and introduces you to a wide audience in digital industries. As well as sponsors and partners, we’re also keen to get community groups involved, so get in touch!

Community Partners

What to expect on the night…

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